mid-week update & future posts

July 8, 2015

happy hump day everyone! this week is just flying!
if you read my last post, i have a little update of mr. palmer…he is doing so much better! he is much more social than he has been in a very long time and is even playful 🙂 my heart is smiling so big. seriously, SO big. he goes in for a 12-hour blood glucose curve on friday. i would be lying if i said i wasn’t slightly anxious to find out the results. i really hope i’m taking good care of him and he is speeding down the road to recovery.

my brain has been hard at work brainstorming ideas for future posts. so far i’m thinking about doing a series on my stand-by meals. you know, the ones that you always seem to eat because you have the ingredients in your kitchen at all times.

whats in my arsenal, you ask? i’ve got a 3 ingredient pancake, some super yummy smoothie combos, a mean go-to lunch salad and maybe a few more up my sleeve. are you interested? comment and let me know what you would like to see from my future posts!

until later, tata <3


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