Saturday Recovery Smoothie

August 16, 2015

recovery smoothie anyone? come on, you know you needed one this weekend. well, at least i know i did.

Jesse and i decided to walk to grand avenue on friday night for some drinks after our super stressful weeks. we decided on our favorite french patio, Salut. we was really surprised to see that the patio was so empty, but then again it was 90 degrees out. regardless it was really nice to sit on a nice patio and REALLY talk to each other; due to our busy schedules this is something that doesn’t happen much during the week.

Salut serves up my favorite old fashioned in the twin cities. old fashioneds are usually my beverage of choice, but due to the heat i was craving something colder and sweeter so i ended up with their jameson and ginger cocktail. it was everything i needed it to be, cold, refreshing & sweet (Jesse got the old fashioned.)

although we walked to Salut we didn’t get too crazy, we each had a cocktail followed by a 1664 (sooo smoothe, you HAVE to try it). and walked our butts back home. atleast it was a little cooler on the walk back.

Salut, Saint Paul
Friday night drinks on the patio at Salut.

on Saturday morning i woke up not feeling too hot. we only had 2 drinks, am i getting old or something? i definitely didn’t feel like making us a wholesome hot breakfast so i whipped up a pitcher of my favorite kale, beet, banana and blueberry smoothie.

i’m pretty sure it cured my hangover. or maybe it was going outside and pulling weeds/mowing the lawn?

Yummy Recovery Smoothie
Yummy Recovery Smoothie

want to know how to make it?

Recovery Smoothie


• 1 medium sized beet

• 1 C kale

• 2 scoops vanilla protein powder

• 2 T ground flax meal

• 2 T Nativas Naturals raw cocoa powder

• 1 T cinnamon

• 1 C frozen blueberries

• 3/4 C Simply Balanced unsweetened almond milk

how to

combine all ingredients into blender, blend & serve 🙂

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