Getaway to Portland, Oregon

September 14, 2015


getaway | getting away or fleeing; an escape

After all of the happenings of our summer Jesse & I were due for a getaway. We were very fortunate to already have a trip to Portland built into our summer. We learned on our wedding day (August 30, 2014) that some friends of ours had planned their wedding for the same date in 2015, in Portland. The perfect excuse for an anniversary trip, right?

Keep in mind that we didn’t do or see anything too touristy as it was a very short trip. We left Minneapolis on Saturday afternoon and were back in St. Paul late Monday night. What we saw we liked! Here are a few of the highlights.

Airport-Selfie stick

Sooo I forgot to mention that this wasn’t exactly a romantic anniversary getaway. We were accompanied by Jesse’s good friend Dan. I was outnumbered. By dudes. Who talk about weightlifting. Among other nerdy boy things. All. The. Time. What is a girl to do? Buy a selfie-stick. In the airport, duh!

The guys were so happy with my purchase. Yep, I bought a high-tech selfie-stick in the airport. It has bluetooth, which is actually kind of a pain – I mean I have to keep the thing charged!  It took me approximately 20 minutes to figure out how to put the darn thing together and get it working. Then I was in action and the guys were thrilled!

Selfie Stick Action
Soo happy about the selfie-stick!
Pre-wedding selfie stick fun!
Pre-wedding selfie stick fun!

PORTLAND Airport – where are the people?

We arrived in Portland about 4pm local time – and there was no one there. Seriously. No People. So I snapped this picture.

Empty PDX Terminal
Arrived safely in Portland, where are all the people?

flight of my life

…and it wasn’t in an airplane!

The night before the wedding there was a dinner at Bridgeport Brewery in downtown Portland. If you know me, you know that I really like to try new things; and by new things I mean beer. We arrived to this brewer/restaurant a smidge early so we sallied up to the bar and chatted up the bartender. I asked if they had a flight, thinking it would be 4 beers. NOPE. Their flight consisted of 8 ~8oz. beers. EIGHT! And holy cow they were amazing. And in case you were wondering, I beat my husband and Dan to the bottom it. They don’t call me Slammer 2.0 for nothin’! My favorite out of the 8 was definitely the porter. I’m not usually a porter kind of girl but for some reason this one was so delicious and smooth. A few other notables were:

Hop Czar– Coming in at 87 IBUs, if you LOVE hops this one was made for you.

Tilikum– A limited edition, named after Portland’s newest metro line was also delicious, very Blue Moon-esque.

The wedding

The wedding was held at McMenamins Edgefield in Troutdale, Oregon which is a short distance outside of Portland itself. I did not read up on the venue beforehand so I didn’t really know what to expect. Turns out it was an old self-sustaining work farm during late 1800s through the mid 1960s. If people couldn’t find work they could go work (and live) on the farm. During the depression over 600 people lived at Edgefield.

My first impression was that the place was super creepy. It was dark inside, lots of strange paintings, weird bathrooms –  a really different vibe. Shortly after arriving we sat down in the library to wait for lunch so of course I immediately googled “McMenamins Edgefield Haunted” and sure enough – it is! And we were sitting right above the most haunted portion on the premises, the winery. What is now the winery was the infirmary. Lots of people died there, etc etc. I decided the best thing to do to get my mind off of the ghosts was to go down and grab a drink. But for real though, McMenamin’s Dry Rose is bomb! If you ever get the chance to try it, you need to!

In addition to a winery, McMenamins also features a brewer AND a distillery. I can’t say much about their beer but I can say that McMenamins has some of the best whiskey I’ve ever tasted. Their Hogshead and Billy Whiskey were to die for. I couldn’t decide which was better. The Hogshead definitely had a little something on the finish that the Billy didn’t. If you’re an old fashioned snob like me, McMenamins does it right; I was drinking old fashioneds allllll night. And wine, and beer. And there were cigars involved too.

On Monday morning we were all feeling quite chipper (just kidding).

Portland's finest feeling so chipper on Monday morning.
Portland’s finest feeling so chipper on Monday morning.

Our flight didn’t leave until 4pm so we spent the day exploring the rest of the resort. I stumbled upon one of the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen in my life. Then I ate a giant cheeseburger to rid myself of the hangover.

Gorgeous flowers in the Mcmenamin's Edgefield Garden
Gorgeous flowers in the McMenamins Edgefield Garden

If you ever find yourself in Portland and have an extra day (or afternoon) go check out McMenamin’s Edgefield. You won’t be disappointed.

Our getaway weekend in Portland was just what Jesse and I both needed after a summer of craziness. It really makes me want to plan more long-weekend trips. Maybe next year? For now we are going to enjoy a quiet fall at home.

ta ta for now!

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