hello! welcome to! my name is mallory. i am a married, full-time advertising agency project manager & therefore not quite a full-time housewife (somedays i wish i was). my husband and i live in beautiful saint paul, minnesota and recently purchased our first home in our favorite neighborhood. now that the house search is over and life is settling down a little bit i decided it is the perfect time to start something that i've wanted to do forโ€ฆ

weekly meal planning

So this one is going to be about something that I really am not great at...meal planning. i try. i really do try to buy and prepare enough food to get my husband & i through the week. we've been living together for over 2 years now and you would think i would have it down, but i don't. i'm cooking for 2 people with enormous appetites. it's not rare for us to go through 3-4 dozen eggs and 5-10lbsโ€ฆ