Mindfulness during Mercury in Retrograde

September 23, 2015

Mercury IN Retrograde | A three week period in which the planet Mercury to appears to be in backwards motion

As a teenager/young adult I would periodically hear people mutter the phrase “Well, Mercury is in Retrograde” but never really understand what it meant. In February of 2014 I learned the hard way.

In just one weeks time the furnace in our rental home was on the fritz (it was like -20 out, people!), I was involved in a minor car accident, things at work were going poorly and I got sick with a terrible-feverish-nasty cold. It was the first time I had been sick in over a year. I was texting my dad one morning (complaining about all of this) when he said “Well, Mercury is in Retrograde.” There was the phrase again. I Googled it (duh!), and determined that Mercury in Retrograde was indeed the source of all of my problems.

  • Furnace broken: technology glitch
  • Car accident: communication issue. I HAD MY BLINKER ON AND WAS IN THE CORRECT LANE. phewww feels good to get that off of my chest
  • Work horrible: a double whammy with just bad communication all around and technology glitches; I work with a team of PMs in both India and Hong Kong.
  • Getting sick: well, maybe that was from sobbing in the -20 degree weather while waiting for the police to come to the scene of the accident.
Mercury In Retrograde
The best excuse!

Nevertheless, since this experience I have become very speculative and hesitant when the 3-week time period comes around. For those of you not familiar with mercury in retrograde here is a great article containing an easy to understand definition.

To avoid another Mercury in Retrograde of February 2014 I use mindfulness in everything technology, money and communication related. Although it doesn’t always work. Just this week I bounced my checkbook for the very first time by paying bill with my personal checking account instead of our joint checking account. Arghh!

I also try to use mindfulness in other areas of my life as well. For those of you who know me personally, you know that I am generally a very fit, active and healthy person. This summer however, this was not the case. Vacation after mini-tragedy after setback occurred. I was so mentally drained that I was not running (typically during the summers I run anywhere from 10-25 miles a week!). Although I wasn’t NOT in shape, I was still feeling icky physically.

I saw Mercury in Retrograde coming up and decided I was going to attempt to use it to my advantage. I wasn’t going to let the bitch get me this time. Mindfulness would be the name of my game. So far, it’s working out pretty well (besides the checkbook thing).

I ran a total of 10 miles last week and am on track for 15-20 by the end of this week. I’ve also cleaned up my diet by going back to basics and limiting the amount of processed foods and refined sugars I consume. Being mindful in this department is especially rewarding about 4-6 days. That is usually when I start to notice huge changes in my mood and energy levels.

After having so many negative experiences over the summer I am also using this time to try and be more positive in my thoughts. It’s so easy to point out the negative in every situation, but I refuse to operate that way. I’m trying to learn how to bask in the positive and let go of everything negative. And so far, it’s working. 🙂

Is anyone else out there super mindful of Mercury in Retrograde or have any interesting Mercury in Retrograde stories? I’m not super into astrology but I definitely believe in the effects of Mercury in Retrograde!

I will leave you with this…

Mercury In Retrograde


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