Living Room Decoration

May 30, 2016

Coffee Table + Decor

Living Room Redecoration

Over the last few weeks Jesse & I have worked REALLY hard to finally complete the re-decoration of our living room! It was all kicked-started a few weeks ago when we purchased a new, larger TV! Then when Jesse’s parents came to town we mounted it on the wall and decided to get rid of the big ugly TV stand we had been using since forever. This freed up so much space, which is at a premium when you’re living in a house built in the early 1920s, huge closets were NOT a thing in 1923!

I’ve had a pretty good idea of what look/feel I was going for for awhile now (see my Living Room Decor board on Pinterest) and I’ve been collecting items I thought would fit in with the look. I had to take a trip to West Elm on Saturday to pick up just a few finishing touches. I must add, in true Mallory fashion the room isn’t truly done done, it’s probably about 95% there! I have my eyes on a super cute round mirror at Target and am always on the look-out for fun new throw pillows. 🙂 Oh, I’d also like a new rug, but Jesse likes the look of the room without a rug. I’ll let him win on that one for now!

Living Room BEFORE & AFTER

Sadly, I didn’t take any official before pics. I had to pull the best I could find off of instagram!

Living Room Redecoration : TV Wall Before & After
TV Wall Before & After : From conduit to cords, it’s never going to be “perfect”!
Living Room Before After : Bookshelf Wall
Dining Room Wall Before & After The dark bookshelves really sucked all of the natural light we were getting. By simply pulling them out and putting in new, lighter color shelves the lighting situation was much-improved. No paint needed!
Living room, complete!
Living room shot from the front door. Yep, that’s a cat tipi! It’s the cutest thing everrrr! and better yet, Zara even uses it.
Floating Shelves
LACK floating shelves,  IKEA.


Living Room Redecoration : Top Shelf Details
Top shelf details! Mirrors, Nate Berkus for Target Air Plants + Terrarium, West Elm Gold Foil P + Frame custom made compliments of a very good friend!
Living Room Remodel : Bottom shelf details
Bottom shelf details: Diploma + Tassel : University of St. Thomas, MS in Manufacturing Engineering (not mine!) Candles + Lantern: Target
Living Room Redecoration : Coffee Table + Decor
Coffee Table, Emerald Tray, Glass Object and Terrarium: West Elm
Living Room Redecoration : TV Shelf Details
New TV Shelf Details Shelf: LACK Floating Shelf, IKEA Lantern Basket + 3 throws: Target Threshold Candle: West Elm Magazines: Vogue, duh 🙂

As usual, thanks for stopping by! Let me think what you think of the new and improved living room in the comments!


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