weekend of a homeowner

July 12, 2015

our modest leaning dirty garage

homeowner | noun: a person with a never ending to-do list

what does a new homeowner do over the weekend? let me tell you! we didn’t do much, but we sure got a lot done! i slept in (until 10)  on saturday morning; i didn’t think i could do that any more. i spent my morning leisurely in front of the tv, working on the grocery essentials list for this post, infomercial style. you know, when you’re really listening to/watching something and then an infomercial comes on, and then another and then you’re like why the hell didn’t i just turn the tv off an hour ago? yea. that was me yesterday.

then, i went outside and got to work on shoveling a huge pile of black dirt in our yard into my new garden box. seriously, so. much. work. but i absolutely loved doing it! i decided to go in and shower since i was covered in dirt and Jesse came out and decided to cut the grass & finally destroy a few shelves that had been left in our garage by the previous owner and probably the previous owner to them too (insert eye-roll).

as soon as i get out of the shower, i head outside to see what the hubby is doing. he’s taking the sledgehammer to one of the shelves, so I start taking items off of another so he can get it out of the garage easier. soon enough i’m thinking its a PERFECT day to take EVERYTHING out of the garage and sweep it out. yep. i wasn’t squeaky clean for long! but it was totally worth it, the garage, for what it is (a modest structure with 4 walls that could collapse at any minute) looks much better and now we can even fit a car in it! #win

homeowners : our modest garage
it leans, seriously. next storm it’s going down

these are the things homeowners do. not to be cliche but , i’ve never felt so “old?” in my entire life. gone are the drunken friday nights and hungover saturday mornings saturdays. things like cleaning and yard work and organizing have taken precedence before running, working out, drinking, sitting around.

these have turned into relaxing friday nights with very early bedtimes and early saturday mornings with very long to-do lists. at the same time i’ve never felt so accomplished as i have in the past few months working our tails off to make this house ours. 30+ bags of lawn waste, countless boxes, painting, cleaning & rearranging and we’re finally getting there.  but i wouldn’t want it any other way. 🙂

i was hoping that after all of the hard homeowner work we put in Jesse would say he didn’t feel like cooking (because i didn’t feel like cooking, either) but alas, he said no. we ended up grilling steak and having delicious steak salads with all of the toppings. i got a little fancy with it.

salad topping presentation
i thought it would be a great time to play with my dad’s fancy camera!
Jesse working on his grillmaster skills

unfortunately, i was so hungry i don’t even have a picture of the finished product. don’t worry, i’ll get it next time!

after dinner i got a burst of energy and headed to Target for some grocery shopping at about 8:45. friday/saturday evenings are my absolute favorite time to shop. no one is ever there! and if you’re lucky the shelves are stocked and ready to go for the sunday morning crowd. i was beyond excited to have this task accomplished before the sunday rush.

hopefully i didn’t bore you too much with my homeowner chatter. my next post will be the first post in my stand-by series. i’m thinking the 3-ingredient pancake.

i hope everyone had a wonderful weekend & has an even more wonderful start to the week.

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until next time!



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