A Special Project : Bridal Shower Invitations

I've been working on a special project lately; bridal shower invitations. My friend De Anna is getting married in April and I've been hard at work getting the shower and bachelorette invitations out the door. DeAnna and I have been friends for 12 years and I wanted to use my talents to put something special together for her bridal shower. (more…)

A Book Themed Baby Shower

A Book Themed Baby Shower Back in February myself and a few friends threw one of our friends a Book Themed Baby shower. I'm not biased or anything BUT I'm convinced it was the cutest baby shower ever! In lieu giving a card with their shower gift we suggested the guests give a signed book instead. I had done something similar to this with another friend, and thought it was a super cute idea. To take the theme just a little bit further…

Coffee Table + Decor

Living Room Decoration

Living Room Redecoration Over the last few weeks Jesse & I have worked REALLY hard to finally complete the re-decoration of our living room! It was all kicked-started a few weeks ago when we purchased a new, larger TV! Then when Jesse's parents came to town we mounted it on the wall and decided to get rid of the big ugly TV stand we had been using since forever. This freed up so much space, which is at a premium when…