Book Themed Baby Shower Book Garland

February 7, 2016

Happy Super Bowl Sunday ya’ll! Today I am going to be showing you how I made the CUTEST book garland for my best friends Book Themed baby shower. First off, I should confess that I am not in any form of the word a “crafter”. I do not have enough patience nor am I gentle, or possess agile enough fingers to complete the most simple DIY projects out there (the bulb wreath endeavor of 2013 was an absolute disaster).

While searching for decor ideas for my best friend’s book themed upcoming baby shower I stumbled across this Enchanting Garland by Martha Stewart and knew I had to make book garland happen for the baby shower! The end result is not an exact replica to Martha’s book garland, it’s a bit more simple. I’m sooo happy with it and I hope my bffffff is too is too 🙂

Book Theme Baby Shower Book Garland 3

We threw the shower yesterday (Saturday) and it was a huge success! Look out for a post soon to see all of our other decorations and of course, the food! Directions for the book garland are below. If you happen to make the garland, upload a photo to Instagram and use #notquiteahousewife. I’d love to see your creations!

Have a fabulous Valentine’s week everyone!

Baby Shower Book Garland

What you’ll need:

• A few yards of your choice of string/twine

• Construction or scrapbooking paper

• Glue Stick

• X-Acto knife/cutting mat

• Ruler or straight edge

Mini clothespins

• A few pages out of a book or photocopied pages of a book


  1. Cut out 8 ≅ 4″x7″ rectangles for the book covers
  2. Create the book spine. Locate the center of one rectangle. Score a line about 1/8″ on either side of the center. Repeat on all 8 book rectangles
    • If the paper is 2-sided (pattern on one side and solid on the other) I recommend scoring on the side you would like to be the inside of that particular book
  3. Fold each rectangle into book form
  4. Cut 8 slightly smaller rectangles from a book
  5. Flatten books then apply glue to the inside center (spine) of each book
  6. Center book page over the glue and press, repeat with all 8. Let sit to dry (about 15 minutes)
  7. After the glue is dry you may re-fold the books and fold or roll the book pages however you wish
  8. Cut desired amount of string/twine and tie a loop on each side
  9. Use mini clothespins to clip the mini books to the string
    1. You may hang the books all pages out, or alternate them spine out, pages out. I think both are a great look!
  10. Book garland complete! Hang, and enjoy!


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